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Shiseido BENEFIQUE Q10  60tablets

Shiseido BENEFIQUE Q10 60tablets

Our Selling Price: US$93.00 (tax incl.)
Shiseido BENEFIQUE Q10 60tablets
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■ Features
"Q10 Benefiku Meihui" reincarnation, the new formula has been powered up.
Shiseido BENEFIQUE Q10 has a balanced ingredients such as sesame extract to be healthy and vital , and blended components for beauty.
It is soft easy to drink.

■ Main Ingredients
Coenzyme Q10
Component extracted by the yeast fermentation. The useful work to maintain good health.

Sesame extract
Labiate. Sesame seed oil is drawn from a wealth of essential fatty acids including omega-3, and attention to maintain good health.

Wide range of proteins present in the body. The vital ingredients for health and beauty.

Hyaluronic acid
Body water retention component present in the body. Hyaluronic acid was mixed with bio-fermentation technology made by Shiseido.

black pepper extract
Support the work of coenzyme Q10.

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